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What is is a free platform for recruiters and job seekers in India, Businesses looking for hiring their next best employees, talents, and candidates can freely post their jobs at Post job India. Recruitment agencies and HR personnel can publish new jobs and share the latest vacancies for job-seeking candidates in India.

Why choose Post Job India?

Post Job India is a free and open platform for recruiters and job-seeking candidates, it is a one-stop destination for those who are starting their careers as fresher or looking for employment opportunities. At Post Job India, you do not have to pay anything before applying for or posting jobs, it is a 100% free platform for both HR recruiters and job-seeking candidates in India.

What are other benefits or features of is a free and very easy-to-use platform, all users do not need to have extensive Information Technology knowledge for using this platform. Job seekers can easily navigate the latest vacancies and employers can share new opportunities free of charge.

At Post Job India, the job applicants do not need to set up their profile before applying for any jobs, they can simply find the job poster’s email address that is provided for candidates.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, you can browse and apply for unlimited jobs without creating any profile without signup or login, free of charge.

Post Job India’s job applicants do not need to register, sign up, or log in before applying or browsing jobs, as users can easily send their applications by email on the job description page.

Find, search and browse jobs free of charge, there is no usage fee, you can explore new job opportunities freely from anywhere, using the Post job India web application.

Get an unlimited free job posting account at Post Job India, you do not need to pay anything before publishing jobs, share countless new vacancies hassle-free. is an open job marketplace for residents and the population of India. Share the latest jobs with your family, friends, and colleagues easily without paying anything.

Subscribe to the latest job updates freely, get job alerts at your email free of charge, and get notified about new vacancies that are listed on the Post Job India responsive website.

Post Job India provides 24×7 free customer and user support, you do not need to pay for any customer support, it is free to use platform for both recruiters and job-seeking candidates.

Post jobs in any Indian State, City, Town, Village, Street, Address, Location, or in Custom Place. Post jobs in a new custom location or address, simply type and input a new place in the job listing form.

Who can benefit from

  • All Indian candidates that are job-seeking, freshers, and experienced employees looking for a new job or career change.
  • All Indian recruiters who want to publish and share jobs freely for hiring their next best-talented candidate employees.

Have any questions for Post Job India?

  • We would love to get your feedback, kindly send us an email at

Post Job India FAQS!

Can Post Job India Recruiters leave their email or website links?

  • Yes, Post Job India Recruiters can leave their relevant email or website links.

Do Post Job India Recruiters need to pay for customer service?

  • No, Post Job India Recruiters do not need to pay anything for customer service.

Do Post Job India Recruiters need to pay for posting jobs in India?

  • No, Post Job India Recruiters do not need to pay anything for posting jobs in India.

Do Post Job India Jobseeking Candidates need to pay for applying at jobs?

  • No, Post Job India Jobseeking Candidates do not need to pay anything for applying at jobs.